What is vTiger?

Initiated in 2004, the vTiger CRM web app has transformed into one of the main Customer Relationship Management platforms obtainable. It is accessible at no cost, it’s offered in over 15 languages and it has iOS and Android apps, that allow you to command almost everything from your smart phone or tablet.

The vTiger CRM platform was made to enable you to be in charge of everything with regards to your business from just a single place. It is usually the core hub for the goods and stock, it will help you with your advertising efforts, it will help you get in contact with people, it can make reports, etcetera. Most importantly – it will automatise all those things for you, so that you will not need to do them by hand on a regular basis, helping you save precious time.

vTiger is a trademark of Vtiger Systems India Private Limited and is not affiliated with cokes.services.

vTiger–Optimized Linux Shared Hosting Services

In case you have a single system to run your business, you have to locate a secure place where you can host it. At cokes.services you’ll find risk–free, dedicated vTiger Linux shared hosting services. We have made our very own shared hosting system atop secure Linux Servers. ModSecurity – a web application firewall is enabled automatically for all of our Linux shared hosting accounts.

Aside from the secure environment, we also make available to you many options for your website and app to develop unhampered. Our vTiger Linux shared hosting solutions contain unrestricted disk space, unlimited data traffic and unlimited MySQL storage. We have a 24x7 support service with a 20 minute average reaction time. If you aren’t satisfied with the services, you will get a full refund within 30 days after your investment.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

For all our vTiger Linux shared hosting packages, we have launched an outstanding control panel interface, designed by us to correspond to the needs of our users as well as to operate flawlessly with our highly customized Linux shared hosting platform. Thus, our Web Hosting Control Panel functions faster and is also more safe when compared with any other hosting control panels.

Within our control panel you’ll find loads of cost–free tools and bonuses which can help you with your web site. You can employ our Web Stats tool, which will start working as soon as your site goes on the Internet, zero configuration required. Do not hesitate to use the Sitemap generator to be able to immediately come up with a new sitemap for your website with simply a mouse–click. Last but not least, do use cokes.services’s range of Site Accelerator Applications to noticeably improve your website.