A ticketing system is the most popular medium of correspondence that web hosting providers offer to their customers. It is usually part of the billing account and is the best way to solve a problem that requires a certain period of time to investigate or that needs to be forwarded to an admin. In this way, all replies provided by either party will be stored in one place in the event that someone else needs to work on the issue at hand and the info in the ticket will be accessible to all parties. The drawback of using a ticketing system with most web hosting platforms is that it’s not part of the hosting Control Panel, which goes to say that you’ll have to log in and out of no less than two accounts to do a given task or to reach the hosting company’s technical support team. If you desire to manage a couple of domains and each one is hosted in its very own account, you’ll have to use even more accounts at the same time. Additionally, it can take a considerable period of time for the provider to process your ticket request.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you’ve opened a semi-dedicated server account with us and you’d like to get in touch with our tech support staff representatives, you’ll be able to submit a trouble ticket straight from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel instead of going through a completely different client support platform like you’ll need to do with the vast majority of hosting companies on the market. Our integrated ticketing system will permit you to send a new ticket without any effort and to search through older tickets using a smart search filter. Moreover, you’ll be able to check the applicable knowledgebase articles that our system will present to you depending on the category that you choose for your new ticket. You can accomplish all of these procedures without leaving your Hepsia Control Panel at any moment, which suggests that in case you bump into any complication or have an enquiry, you can get in touch with our technicians and resolve the problem at hand in no more than 60 minutes via one platform.